We’d like to close the month of January with a little experiment.

Earlier this month, we toyed around with a fancy new tool called WikiSonnet, which converts Wikipedia articles into, well, sonnets. To brush up on your poetry, a sonnet consists of fourteen lines that follow a specific rhyme scheme. To satisfy our curiosity, we decided to run the tool just to see how it would turn the article “Employee engagement” into a sonnet.

Here’s what we got, and be warned: the poem may not make sense. Enjoy! Feel free to run WikiSonnet too to try out what kinds of sonnets you get — let us know by sending us an e-mail at happy@happyteamcheck.com. 🙂


It had unprecedented and sustained
provides a user friendly interface
in which a clear distinction is maintained
within the information marketplace.

The goal of the reflection carried out
the growth of Ella Baker Center from
engagement theories aim to bring about
a Fairer Distribution of Income

Depending on the salad, anything
for Urban Studies and the Institute
whereas engagement theories aim to bring
for all preceding stores to execute.

Amoxicillin is the INN and BAN
associations based in Pakistan