employee growth

Common Lessons for Managing Volunteers and Employees

Previously we talked about how volunteers and employees are motivated by different things, and how these motivations help provide some very important lessons for the workplace that are beneficial for everyone.  But while we may know what drives volunteers to do […]

How a Startup measured Employee Engagement

It’s a well known fact and trend globally that tech startups are known for their innovative work culture, benefits and swanky offices with gadgets to relieve stress and increase productivity. However sometimes all these benefits are not enough to engage […]

Engagement lessons from worker cooperatives

No two companies are ever alike.  They all have their individual quirks, their own ways of doing things, and their idea of how results should be achieved and what these results ought to look like.  A particular model may work […]

Employee appreciation, explained

There are many ways to show your employees that you like the work they do, especially after a job well done. We write a lot here at Happy Team Check about how it’s extremely important to show your employees that […]

Effective communicators for an effective workplace

Effective employee communication is extremely important in building good engagement between employers and employees. It’s no secret — the best way to know people and to get them to understand you is to talk to them! But while we say […]

Shoe-be-do: finding the sweet spot for employee growth

From software that allowed you to virtually fit shoes to conquering the fashion world by storm, Karl Bell and Shoe-be-do found that sweet spot between technology and fashion that has evaded companies for so long. With significant demand for the […]