In the world of tech startups, cohesion and mutual understanding are paramount to ensuring that ion to your product becomes successful. Whether it’s called “corporate culture”, “vision” or something else entirely, building something big from virtually nothing is a gargantuan task, and no one said it would be easy. But managing to pull it off is arguably the best feeling in the world, and we all want a share of that pie of success.

This was what drove Steve Trunning and Raj Pow to build Rocket Boots from the ground up–a singular devotion to building the future of personal transport, and in the process becoming an industry leader. But being at the top also has its downsides, and keeping tabs on such a large organization can be a challenge. People can unexpectedly leave, putting everything into disarray.

With the help of Happy Team Check’s employee engagement surveys, Rocket Boots’ top management wanted to see just what exactly was going on, especially since the company felt that anecdotal evidence pointing to the challenges facing the company were inadequate though valuable. What did they find?

  • In a large organization, getting the right people to drive the message is very important.  There is a clear difference in management style, communication style and temperament between Rocket Boots’ first hires, who were some of the company’s most effective managers, and new arrivals, which were often some of the worst-performing and were often poor matches to the roles they were assigned. This has a discernible impact on employee morale, the effectiveness of getting the company’s message across, and spurring innovation.
  • The corporate culture should always be built to scale. Rocket Boots was able to grow successfully and maintain its corporate culture built on innovation and forward thinking, but at the same time this culture was being increasingly bogged down by an inability to keep up the pace of team growth with the increasing demands of new products. Announcing new products at the last minute also didn’t help, and there wasn’t enough employee empowerment to do anything about it.
  • At many companies, Rocket Boots included, what is on the surface will not always tell the whole story. Sure, there is employee motivation and your employees like the challenges put in front of them, but this must be matched by commensurate support and emphasis on well-being. There’s always the risk for burnout.

The capacity to effect meaningful organizational change in a company need not be defined by how big it is or how rapidly it’s growing, but rather by the capacity of corporate leadership to see these issues as they’re coming out so they can be resolved as quickly as possible. With Happy Team Check, we help translate anecdotes into hard data–hard data that can be used to improve business processes so that your team runs better, faster and more efficiently.

It isn’t easy to find warning signs in any corporation, and we’re here to make it easier for you and your employees to better give feedback so that you can better make those critical decisions. After all, it’s your company that’s on the line.

This is the power of data. This is what Happy Team Check can do for you.