Welcome to 2016. Another year of corporate ups and downs, of great triumphs and what we hope will be a great learning experience for anyone making it out in the world.

But what we don’t want to see—and what we believe no company wants to see—is the same mistakes playing out again this year as they did last year.

Employee engagement is supposed to be a continuing lesson in finding ways to better build your employees’ confidence in themselves and the work they do. But many times we don’t learn from our mistakes, simply thinking that things will change now that a new year has come. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In our last post, we asked our readers to be mindful over the Christmas holiday of the mistakes they made in engaging their employees. For 2016, we have a couple of ideas on how you can improve your employee engagement so that you can start the year off with more motivated, better-focused employees:

  1. Remind them that 2016 is a new year. Employees should build on the successes they’ve achieved in the previous year, and employers should use that to encourage them to work even harder this year.
  2. Brainstorm new engagement ideas with employees. The long break should’ve given employees a chance to think about what they hope to see at work this year, and employers should take advantage of that by seeking their input.

It’s important to keep in mind that the value your employees generate is correlated to the ways you engage them, so employee engagement should be at the top of your list this year, especially if you didn’t do so well the previous year.  Hopefully this time around, your engagement with your employees will be better, because everyone’s better off for it.