What drives employees to be great? Is it simply through sheer force of will that they’re motivated to excel at their jobs? Or is it because the environment they’re immersed in allows them to thrive and be the best that they can be?

Many companies are great at retaining great employees because they’re able to hire motivated people: driven individuals who thrive in the environment the company has set for them. But what is the secret to keeping employee motivation? Employee communication.

Great companies know that the key to employee retention is effective communication, especially when it comes to giving employees the space to air their suggestions, complaints and concerns about the company. Employees are the best barometer for organizational climate, and building that conversation between employees and the employer will help make everyone happier.

Like any good relationship, the working relationship between employer and employee relies on employee communication to be successful. That’s why we built this tool.

At Happy Team Check, we want to make sure that communication is at the center of what we do. We don’t only want to give employees tools to express how they feel about your company’s culture; we also want to give employers the tools to bridge that gap between them and their employees. Showing your employees that you value what they say not only gives them the focus needed to do well at their jobs, but also gives you credibility as an employer who cares for their well-being.

One of our goals to help employees overcome a fear of their employers not taking their feedback seriously. Too often we hear how feedback is unheard and how employee motivation has suffered as a result. With our platform, both employers and employees don’t have to worry anymore about communicating with one another — Happy Team Check will do much of the heavy lifting for them.

As we continue building this tool, we’ll definitely continue putting employee communication in mind. And hopefully, you will too as you use our tools.