It’s a well known fact and trend globally that tech startups are known for their innovative work culture, benefits and swanky offices with gadgets to relieve stress and increase productivity. However sometimes all these benefits are not enough to engage your employees.  A tech startup firm got in touch with Happy Team Check regarding retaining employees. We met with the client over a cup of coffee and discussed a range of issues they are facing and tried to understand their hiring history, people profile, diversity and many other aspects.

The startup is a rising brand in its business space and has great plans, clients and a promising future. Despite all this the firm was losing skilled passionate employees to competitors creating a sense of insecurity among other loyal employees. This particular case is an example and reminder that no matter what kind of benefits, facilities are setup, firms need to invest regular time, resources to understand employee’s state of mind which keeps drifting on basis daily work targets, achievements, health, emotions and personal lives.

Based on our initial meet and continued discussions we collaborated with our client to create a customized survey methodology, questions and response mechanism. This anonymous employee engagement survey was further customized keeping in mind the millennial workforce their basic likes/dislikes and preferences to make the survey more cooler.

The trends and analysis based on the survey responses revealed gaps in many areas such as feedback mechanism, compensation & benefits, health, sexual orientation policies. The best part is when client decided to share the overall survey results with employees, they felt empowered and were willing to contribute with their ideas and suggestions through group polls and anonymous qualitative feedbacks. A phase wise action plan was created based on the suggestions. Regular followup surveys showed increased level of employee happiness and satisfaction leading to lower attrition rate.

This survey was a very interesting learning experience for Happy Team Check and validates the fact that no matter how much we communicate, engage employees are hesitant to share their views openly in some specific areas. This story excited us to create a SlideShare presentation summarizing this amazing experience.

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