You may think that startups don’t place importance on employee engagement, but believe us when we tell you that there are startups that do. We’re going to be covering one of them in this week’s post.

A couple of months ago, Philippine startup Klaseko took advantage of our Happy Team Check trial offer after they heard about it in a Facebook group for the local startup community. Their CEO, Carlo Valencia, recently sat down with us to talk about their experiences with Happy Team Check and whether they enjoyed using the product.


Putting people first is a cultural thing, and in fact in order for you to really focus on the people in your organization, this is something that you must build into the very nature of your organization.

At Klaseko, employee well-being and employee engagement are key tenets of how the organization runs. Placing a premium on getting quality talent, they not only focus on making sure that they get great people to work with them, but also keeping them. They believe that to get the most out of your team, you should be able to get them to talk about anything and everything, providing an environment where they can be A-team players.

When Happy Team check was brought in, it was because they were really curious to see how their employees were doing. Carlo told us that this was largely due to history — coming from HSBC, a company with a deep focus in employee engagement, he wanted to replicate that same culture at his first startup.

This was the first time Klaseko had attempted to measure employee engagement, and employees by and large were curious about what exactly was going on. Like many other early-stage startups, Klaseko was less focused on employee engagement in their first 1-2 years of existence, focusing instead on building a product and finding its market fit, but why not take advantage of a free opportunity, right?

Carlo reached out to us in November 2015, and over the next few weeks we helped Klaseko’s leadership set up a survey for their employees, advise them on which questions to ask and how to approach them, and how to best use the data gathered to make sound decisions.


All 11 of Klaseko’s employees ultimately answered the survey, which allowed their leadership to make some significant changes to its people strategy this year. Happy Team Check led Klaseko to make decisions as big as offering more flexible housing arrangements (instead of offering direct housing), or as small as moving to a bigger office down the hall. These are decisions that have a profound impact on employee engagement and motivation and they couldn’t be done without the right data that we were able to gather for them.

One thing though that has changed since taking the survey is that employees are now speaking up more. This was done largely through reducing the number of all-hands meetings, now held monthly instead of weekly, and adding on one-on-ones with employees who wish to talk with the CEO more personally. Not only have Klaseko meetings become more specialized, but they’ve also become more productive, with employees no longer feeling that they’re not doing anything because they refuse to speak up.

This is what we hoped to achieve at Happy Team Check: helping teams become better teams, and helping companies become better companies. We’re proud to have worked with Klaseko over the last couple of months, and we look forward to working with them again soon.

And, of course, if you want your company to take advantage of Happy Team Check, our offer still stands. Let us know if you would like your company to participate! 🙂