This week is Holy Week, and while Happy Team Check will be offline for a few days, we hope to leave all our blog readers with a couple of things to think about this holiday season.

As we all know, Holy Week is about forgiveness and redemption. It is about becoming something greater than us and recognizing our shared humanity. While this is great for talking about society at large and the problems that we face, how does this work for employee engagement and valuing your employees?

It’s not easy bringing different people together to work towards something. Personalities clash, cultures collide, and things happen every which way that have a discernible impact towards how and whether a company gets to achieve its goals. This is why it’s important to manage people well — any company’s success is in their hands.

This is where things like employee engagement come in. Employee engagement is not just for figuring out what’s going on in your organization so it can be fixed. It is also an effective tool for building shared mutual trust and values, reorienting people towards those shared goals that you want them to achieve. And yes, even recalcitrant people, or people who you’d never think would sign on to your vision or your product, can be convinced otherwise. It certainly happened during this time two thousand years ago, right?

Employee engagement also helps employees find peace in their life decisions. Work is never easy, and joining a team or building something big is a huge leap forward for anyone. But if you are able to show your employees that you’re there for them, you’re doing them a service by assuring them that, in fact, this was a great decision and that you’re there for them. It’s a continuing process that requires a significant investment of time, but if it means happy, productive employees, it should always be worth it.

This Holy Week, we hope that as you contemplate on life, on family, on success and failure, you’ll also put in mind those who’ve helped you get to where you are. If you’re a business owner, it means thinking of your employees and seeing whether you’ve engaged them enough. Maybe come next week, after Easter, you might have some ideas as to how to better improve employee engagement at your workplace.