Engagement lessons from worker cooperatives

No two companies are ever alike.  They all have their individual quirks, their own ways of doing things, and their idea of how results should be achieved and what these results ought to look like.  A particular model may work […]

Forgiveness, redemption and engagement

This week is Holy Week, and while Happy Team Check will be offline for a few days, we hope to leave all our blog readers with a couple of things to think about this holiday season. As we all know, […]

The virtue of employee kindness

What does it mean to be nice to your employees? To be nice to your employees isn’t simply to just show kindness to them, to not get angry or to forgive them for mistakes that they may have made. In […]

Women in employee engagement

To celebrate International Women’s Day, which the world celebrated last week, let’s take a look at how women make a difference at the workplace, and especially when it comes to employee engagement. Women are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of […]

Happy Team Check stories: Klaseko

You may think that startups don’t place importance on employee engagement, but believe us when we tell you that there are startups that do. We’re going to be covering one of them in this week’s post. A couple of months […]

The fired Yelp employee

Over the last few days, we’ve seen the Internet basically blow up over the story of Talia Jane, a customer service representative for Yelp who wrote an open letter criticizing her CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman, for being underpaid relative to the […]

Employee appreciation, explained

There are many ways to show your employees that you like the work they do, especially after a job well done. We write a lot here at Happy Team Check about how it’s extremely important to show your employees that […]

Chinese New Year employee motivation

Kung hei fat choi! Chinese New Year is a big holiday for many people around the world, and this 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey, is no exception. For many, this is a time to return home and be […]

The sonnet of employee engagement

We’d like to close the month of January with a little experiment. Earlier this month, we toyed around with a fancy new tool called WikiSonnet, which converts Wikipedia articles into, well, sonnets. To brush up on your poetry, a sonnet […]