Sekret pozyskiwania talentów, czyli jak zbudować technologiczny zespół

Marcin Smoliński, założyciel Toolbox for HR, od kilkunastu lat rekrutuje programistów dla największych firm technologicznych – takich jak Google, Microsoft czy HP. Rozmawiamy z nim o tym, w jaki sposób pozyskuje się talenty, jacy są programiści i o czym właściciele […]

The New Organization

The digital and technological innovations in recent years has reshaped the world of work. Organization, Business Model, Workforce management and the way we work has evolved and is changing as you read this. Companies are investing in many ways to […]

Common Lessons for Managing Volunteers and Employees

Previously we talked about how volunteers and employees are motivated by different things, and how these motivations help provide some very important lessons for the workplace that are beneficial for everyone.  But while we may know what drives volunteers to do […]

8 facilities for women at work.

The recent World Economic Forum’s Industry Gender Gap study gave some interesting insights on the future of work. The report stated that “Most businesses want to recruit, retain and promote more women than they did before and they find it […]

Employees and Volunteers – The Quest for Motivation

“What drives you to do the things you do?“ This question is one that many people from all walks of life ponder every day.  Whether it be doing simple tasks or working on complex projects, there is always that spark […]

Invest in people to improve workplace, productivity and profits

One of our common themes here at Happy Team Check is about what employee engagement is: what it is for our customers, our business and for the human resources industry as a whole. We spend a lot of time advising our […]

The rise of the pet friendly workplace

One of the most important developments in the evolution of the modern-day workplace is  the rise of the pet friendly workplace.  In many areas of the world, employees are increasingly finding favor with bringing their pets to work, giving them […]

How a Startup measured Employee Engagement

It’s a well known fact and trend globally that tech startups are known for their innovative work culture, benefits and swanky offices with gadgets to relieve stress and increase productivity. However sometimes all these benefits are not enough to engage […]

The Business of Employee Health and Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has been one of the most challenging aspect for HR and decision makers. The employee surveys conducted across many countries in recent time show a rising concern to a plethora of issues/problems industry wise. The alarming fact is […]